Amber Burn Participation Terms

While buying the ticket for the Amber Burn event, you are taking full responsibility for your safety and sanity during the event. Please read the Amber Burn Participation Terms carefully for basic rules and information.

Entering and leaving the event

  • Amber Burn 2023: Gate opens for all event ticket holders on Wednesday, July 5 at noon, and closes on Friday, July 7 at midnight. There is no entrance to the event on Saturday, July 8.
  • Build week of Amber Burn 2023: Gate opens for Early Builder pass and event ticket holders on June 28, 2023.
  • I agree to leave the Event area when the Event and Strike are over, i.e., be gone leaving no trace by July 9, 2023, or, if volunteering for Strike, by July 12, 2023.
  • I understand Amber Burn is a private event not open to the general public. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Participants must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol at Amber Burn.
  • I confirm that I am aware of the requirements of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. I care about the health of other participants, and I will not show up at the Amber Burn event if I am feeling sick or with any symptoms of the flu, unless I am sure my COVID-19 test is negative.
  • Amber Burn reserves the right to deny access to the event premises and/or require any individual(s) to leave the property at any time and for any reason, including i) when a ticket holder is under intoxication of alcohol or other substances when entering the event, ii) when a participant is providing alcohol to people under age 21, iii) when I show up at the event or become obviously sick with COVID-19 symptoms anytime during the event.

Safety and health

  • I understand the voluntary and co-creative nature of the event. I understand the risks, both inherent and extraordinary, related to my participation in an unregulated, radically self-reliant event. By entering the Amber Burn event premises, I assume my voluntary participation and take full responsibility for myself.
  • I assume the risk of and accept full responsibility for any injuries, including those causing death, and any other accidents that may occur as a result of my attendance at Amber Burn.
  • I agree that I am fully responsible for my well-being, sanity, and the well-being of my children or accompanied minors (if any). I will not climb sculptures; I will swim at my own risk; I will leash my dogs, lace my shoes; and I will keep my cigarette butts with me.
  • I will be extraordinarily cautious about fire use: I will keep the fire distance and perimeter, will not do fire-diving, will set no art or infrastructure objects on fire, and will use designated fire-grill places.
  • I will wear the hygienic face mask in crowded places and be less than 2 meters away from other participants if I choose to do so for my own safety.
  • I waive any claim I may hereafter have as a result of any and all harm to my person or property as a result of my attendance at Amber Burn. I release from liability Amber Burn and each of its volunteers, event planners, property owners, and all attendees.

Basic principles

  • Participants in Amber Burn intend to follow the 10 principles of Burning Man.
  • I understand that I must come prepared with food, water, shelter, weather-appropriate clothing, and anything else I may need to survive during this event.
  • I will follow the Amber Burn Media Policy requirements and recommendations; thus, I understand that all images, videos, and/or films from Amber Burn are to be taken only with the consent of the people in the frame and are for my personal use only. I will not publish any visuals (including my mobile phone pictures) in any unauthorized way. I understand that all and any commercial usage of images, videos, or films is allowed ONLY under written agreement from “Lithuania Burners Bendruomenė” and the identifiable participants in the frame.
  • Advertising or selling items or services at the event is prohibited. Using the name Amber Burn as well as its visual materials for advertising, sales, and other commercial purposes after the event is prohibited.
  • I’m aware that in Lithuania, the use, possession, and distribution of intoxicants other than alcohol and tobacco are illegal and may result in administrative or even criminal liability.
  • I will only take what’s mine, save my belongings, mind the STOP lane, and leave no trace.
    Please note: Burning Man Project is not a producer or organizer of the Amber Burn Regional Event, and Burning Man Project accepts no liability arising out of or in connection with it.

When you buy a ticket, you will confirm that you have read the Amber Burn Participation Terms and accept them as the Amber Burn Participation Agreement and rules. You confirm your intention to follow the rules, take full responsibility for yourself, and have a good time at the event.

When you buy a ticket, you will express your consent to your personal data being used by Lithuanian Burners Bendruomenė for Amber Burn event purposes as contact and identification data.